Integrated, multi-channel & in-store shopping experience (de Bijenkorf)

Integrated, multi-channel & in-store shopping experience (de Bijenkorf)2019-01-28T15:57:50+00:00

Project Description

Helping customers find what they want, even if it’s not in the store

by helping staff find it faster

Design of service & mobile experience to order online in-store

de Bijenkorf, part of the Selfridges Group, wanted to integrate the in-store staff assisted and the online shopping experience. “Tablet Assisted Sales” program helps sales personnel to order the right size and color on-line for the customer, or show possible alternatives in-store. I (and Cnote CX team) worked with Bijenkorf to define an experience that would meet the needs of both customers and the busy sales staff, and designed the mobile interfaces for tablet and phone.


  • Expert Review
  • Observation & research of customer and staff needs
  • Journey mapping, including emotional and functional states
  • Identify and realise quick wins
  • Interface design for tablet & phone
  • Usability research, testing/pilot in-store
  • Road map to implementation

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