Kiosk UX Design, worldwide airport kiosks (KLM & Air-France)

Kiosk UX Design, worldwide airport kiosks (KLM & Air-France)2019-01-26T19:44:19+00:00

Project Description

DIY Check-in has never been so easy

And,  connecting or missing flights is no longer means waiting in long queues

Self service check-in and transfer kiosks

Led the design effort of the first ever self service transfer and check in kiosks for KLM Air France. Used by millions of passengers annually.


  • Observation & research of passenger needs
  • Intuitive design and rapid prototyping
  • Define machine hardware requirements
  • Usability research/testing
  • All functional and visual designs
  • Design and functional upgrades to service and interface  over several years.

About My Work

I help companies shape, design, and deliver extraordinary end-to-end customer experiences. I look at human behavior from different perspectives to gain insights, envision ideas, and seek the right solutions; solutions that not only fulfill base needs, but also evoke positive, emotional, and memorable responses. while providing a delightful customer experience.

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