Bag Drop Research & Design (KLM Airlines)

Bag Drop Research & Design (KLM Airlines)2019-02-14T04:57:42+00:00

Project Description

How to simplify and speed up dropping off you bags to a machine?

Watch, listen, and learn…

…then respond with fixes and keep learning

Self service bag-drop experience

Contextual research at Schiphol airport to understand and improve how passengers experience self-service bag drop. Learnings included how the various touchpoints with airport spots, staff, other kiosks, the bag-drop machine itself and the touch interface of the machine need to work together to make the process easy and smooth for passengers. We are able to improved experience by updating the touch interface design and better integrate the physical tasks and the digital experience.


  • Expert review
  • Interviews & observations at the airport
  • Iterative interface design
  • Usability research/testing
  • Sketches for improvement ideas to mobile, online & signage around bag drop off
  • Updated functional and visual design of touch interface for bag-drop machine

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