Design Thinking Workshops (KLM Airlines, NL)

Design Thinking Workshops (KLM Airlines, NL)2019-01-26T19:35:52+00:00

Project Description

KLM CX Strategy Workshops

Developed and executed a series of CX thinking and brainstorming workshops with internal KLM teams to bring Customers/Passengers in the center of the KLM UX process.

Tasks included:

  • Planning Workshop topics and exercises

  • Running team sessions and tasks

  • Brainstorming exercises with team to create conceptual models for KLM Flight Booking Tool

About My Work

I help companies shape, design, and deliver extraordinary end-to-end customer experiences. I look at human behavior from different perspectives to gain insights, envision ideas, and seek the right solutions; solutions that not only fulfill base needs, but also evoke positive, emotional, and memorable responses. while providing a delightful customer experience.

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