Ideal Staff Behaviour Strategy (CX/EX) – KLM Airlines

Ideal Staff Behaviour Strategy (CX/EX) – KLM Airlines2019-01-26T19:23:48+00:00

Project Description

How do passengers want KLM staff to behave, on the ground, in the air or when there’s an issue?

We asked passengers and staff about it…

and then helped KLM identify the best behaviours for customer satisfaction

KLM staff behavior (across all touch points)

KLM has around 13.000 staff members that have direct contact with customers; service agents at check-in, gate agents, flight attendants and customer care agents; to name just a few. Each of these roles have their own ‘DNA’, training programmes and KPI’s, but customers see them all as ‘KLM’. KLM has asked CNote to
1) define one standard for ‘KLM desired behavior’ that could lead all departmental initiatives and to
2) develop a program to embed this in the organization through informative and engaging tools.


  • In-depth interviews with employees
  • Customer data analysis
  • Design of concept for desired staff behavior
  • Testing with (front-line) staff

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