Customer Research, multiple LeGrand brands

Customer Research, multiple LeGrand brands2019-01-26T19:46:57+00:00

Project Description

Insights into customers and the competition

Legrand Customer Research

Conducted user interviews to identify strengths and weaknesses in the B2B customer experience. Also, assessed and benchmarked the legrand sites and applications to identify areas of improvement.


  • Observation & research of passenger needs
  • Intuitive design and rapid prototyping
  • Define machine hardware requirements
  • Usability research/testing
  • All functional and visual designs
  • Design and functional upgrades to service and interface  over several years.

About My Work

I help companies shape, design, and deliver extraordinary end-to-end customer experiences. I look at human behavior from different perspectives to gain insights, envision ideas, and seek the right solutions; solutions that not only fulfill base needs, but also evoke positive, emotional, and memorable responses. while providing a delightful customer experience.

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