CX Strategy for improving Passenger Experience (Transavia Airlines)

CX Strategy for improving Passenger Experience (Transavia Airlines)2019-01-26T19:22:43+00:00

Project Description

What are the biggest pain points for budget holiday passengers?

and how do they affect their holidays?

What can be done to improve the experience?

Research and improve online and offline passenger experience

KLM’s holiday-loving subsidiary Transavia asked CNote to look into their on- and offline experience to provide improvements. Using data analysis and survey results as a starting point, we set out to travel on Transavia flights to conduct employee interviews and experience the journey first-hand.
Results included strategic materials to help staff do their work better. We also created customer journeys identifying pain points and emotional states that need awareness and addressing, as well as the content/functional/business solutions for each touchpoint. Simplified digital versions of the journey and a one-page summary is used by staff to deliver their service.


  • Review surveys and existing data
  • Travel on to research end-to-end journey
  • In-depth staff and customer interviews
  • Emotional and functional Journey mapping
  • Information mapping
  • Passenger experience strategy

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