Improve shopping experience and reduce out-of-stock frustrations for customers of luxury department store chain, De Bijenkorf, in the Netherlands.


As part of the CX team at Cnote, we started the engagement with De Bijenkorf with internal discovery and team alignment, to understand each stakeholder’s perspective. To better understand the drivers for a mobile-device to be introduced into the sales workflow and on the sales floor.

Next, we interviewed frontline sales staff and store and department managers to understand daily workflows, pain points, time sinks, and more. We also wanted to know whether and how sales staff would use a mobile device as part of their high-touch sales interactions with customers.

We followed that up with interviewing and observing shoppers in several departments to understand shopping behaviors, buying influencers, pain points, uncovering needs. We explored how customers would feel about a mobile device that provided instant stock info and ordering capabilities from other store locations for home delivery, and what would make the experience worthwhile?

Using gained insights, we entered the ideation phase to create designs for the mobile device experience, and map out new service workflows for frontline and back office staff.

We created a tablet/mobile phone experience that sales staff use to check availability, provide alternatives or order items to be delivered to the customer’s home without leaving the sales floor or disrupting the sales interaction. We also included extra functionality, such as recommending alternative items and printing receipts on demand, and determined the optimal placement of tables with tablets around the store.

For the new service design, we trained sales staff to proactively use a tablet or phone as part of their regular sales approach and how to identify and engage the type of customers who would benefit from the process.

Pilot Launch
The new experience was launched as a pilot program at two store locations, in two departments each (shoes and children’s clothing).


  • Internal Research Findings

  • External Research Findings

  • UX designs for tablet (and mobile phone) assisted sales application

  • Service workflows 

  • Training for frontline staff