Service design. Product design.
Research & human behavior.
Systems thinking.

I help companies shape, design, and deliver end-to-end customer experiences that drive and deliver value. From strategy to implementation, and beyond, I use research to gain insights into human behavior and business practices.  Then, I envision ideas and seek the right solutions, innovating and validating along the way.


I was born in India and moved to New England (USA) as a child, where I still live with my vizslas (pointing dogs), whom I breed and show.

I started out as a software engineer with a degree in Computer Science but found my passion in Experience design and research over 20 years ago. And I still love it.

An ardent problem solver, I apply my natural curiosity to dig deep to understand, and fix experiences in all realms. By combining my technical training and my creativity & design abilities, I push the boundaries beyond “good enough” to innovate, without compromising the fundamental solution that works.

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