Expresso, a fashion brand with dozens of boutiques in the EU was looking to increase sales, and increase brand accessibility. To make their boutiques more approachable to  a wider audience.  Cnote was asked to research, test, and improve their boutique experience as well as to design their first ever e-commerce site.


As the Lead Experience Designer and Consultant at Cnote, the team and I started the engagement with field research at several of their boutique locations, and worked to understand their customers, non-customers, and their store employees.  We used the insights to identify and implement improvements in the stores’ physical aspects,  improve brand messaging and communications, and to create a store brand manual to bring guidance and consistency to the buying/selling service.

In a follow-up project, we designed a complete e-commerce website to improve their sales  and strengthen the brand.


Discovery Research & Identify improvements

Observe shoppers in boutiques to learn what works and doesn’t. What’s missing and needed.

  • Research done at  4-6 boutique locations

  • Dozens of  shoppers interviewed. Many more observed.

  • All employees interviewed

  • Customer groups (personas) identified.

  • Created  brand manual for all stores with clearer guidelines for sales staff

  • Identified online shopping needs

Design the  online shopping experience

Create flows, wireframes, and final visuals for all e-commerce pages

  • 15-20 page templates

  • 4+ prototyping rounds, each with user testing

  • Final visual designs for each template and unique variation