Measure the Patient Experience (PX) at all touch-points & channels for the end-to-end patient journey via qualitative and quantitative means. Then, work with sales and business to track and improve the PX impact on business goals and success.


As Head of CX at DayToDay Health, a young Boston startup, I was responsible for collecting, synthesizing, sharing, and recommending appropriate actions for all customer feedback and insights, including NPS.  Ultimate goal was to improve the app & service for patients, and create smooth internal operations for our partners and clients (hospitals).


Identify what to measure, when, and how.

Using the brand and service principles as a basis, identify what standard measurement options will work best at each journey moment and touchpoints.

Then, create a measurement plan  for how and how often to measure. Depending on the type of insights needed, we used operational data such as app usage and service usage (calling nurses and clinical staff), or, reviewing call transcripts, collecting direct feedback via surveys or interviews).

How to use the measured data?

Determine how to synthesize all insights and translate them into recommendations, stories, and reports for internal teams, business partners, sales operations, and finally, improved experiences for patients.

We simplified our measurements to a few methods and data sources (app/service usage, NPS, and user interviews) to create a monthly plan for improvements to the experience.

Long term goal was to devise and implement a proprietary PX score covering all combined channels of delivery – as industry scoring systems didn’t exist for remote, app-based healthcare.