To improve the passenger experience across all touch points and increase customer satisfaction for Transavia, KLM’s holiday-travel subsidiary airline.


Research & Analysis
As part of the CX team at Cnote, we started the engagement with a review of all user feedback data, complaints, survey data, and analytics. To add to and to validate the discoveries from this data, our team traveled on Transavia on several separate journeys, to observe the passengers and interview staff at multiple airports, and to experience the journeys first hand. The goal, always to find the opportunities and to close the gap to create the ideal travel experience.

Experience Mapping
To address the key issues and to provide the stakeholders and their teams with the tools to improve the experience, we created future-state experience maps. We also designed materials and sample artifacts to help implement the journeys across touch points, for example, emails, and sample web/app content, notifications, and alerts to help create a connected experience across touch points on all delivery channels.


  • Research Findings

  • Experience Maps and supporting artifacts for improved journeys

  • Design Thinking materials for teams and managers